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Sunday, 29 November 2009 01:14

Mass Lottery MegaBucks Doubler

Mass MegaBucks Doubler Lottery Results

To play in the Mass Lottery MegaBucks Lotto game all players must follow the rules set forth by the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. All Mass Lottery rules are available for viewing by lottery players at the MA. Lottery Headqurters in Braintree.

Mass Lottery Mega Bucks bets must be placed through an online lotto agent. More information can be found at www.masslottery.com on where to place your bets for the Mass MegaBucks Game.

The Mega Bucks Jackpot will vary according to the frequency of wins and the amount of money bet on each drawing. The Mega Bucks Lotto starts at $500,000 cash($25,000 a year for 20 years). The Mega Bucks jackpot continues to grow until there is a winner. Multiple winners must split the MegaBucks Lotto jackpot from the Massachussetts State Lottery.

Mass Lottery MegaBucks jackpot winners have 60 days from the drawing to claim there prize.

MegaBucks non-jackpot winning tickets must be claimed within 365 days of the drawing. Winnings over 100 percent of the net sales will be divided according to the Mass Lottery rules and regulations. Approximately 55 percent of all bets made roll over into the jackpot.

All Mass Lottery MegaBucks Tickets include a one in ten entry from previous Mega Buck Drawings for the Double Feature. Mass Lottery Mega Bucks tickets will have a symbol to represent either a doubler  or not. Any Megabuck winning lotto tickets will be doubled if the doubler symol is shown.

Mass Lottery MegaBucks season tickets automatically qualify for Double payouts on non-winning jackpots.

Immediately following the Mass Lottery Mega Bucks Doubler Lotto drawing. The Massachussetts State Lottery will update their website at www.masslottery.com with a season ticket or ST Doubler number for each Mega Bucks drawing. You may also contact the Mass State Lottery at 781-848-7755. If the last number of the ST Doubler matches your MegaBucks Season Ticket from The Mass Lottery, you win double the prize.

MegaBucks Doubler Lottery Instructions

Complete a Mass Lottery Cash MegaBucks lottery ticket by choosing any 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 46 or just say give me a Quick Pick at any Massachussetts State Lottery online lotto agent.

You will receive a new MegaBucks lottery ticket that is electronically filled out. Be sure to check your ticket for accuracy and then sign it immediately.

Bring your winning Mass Lottery Cash MegaBucks Ticket to any MA. Lottery location to cash in up to $600.00 or visit a Massachussetts State Lottery headquarters.

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